Chicken nuggets suckers

Chicken nuggets. From frozen. Zero vegetables.
I have lost the will to give a shit about nourishment today.

Eat it.

They’re lucky to be fed frankly.
My children are waking up 2x each, every night.
I feel like I have a bloody newborn baby; the amount of sleep I’m getting.
My husband is working two jobs oft starting before we wake and returning too late to assist with two preschoolers in full meltdown mode. He’s sleeping downstairs most nights, so remains blissfully undisturbed by the nighttime howls and hall shuffling (lucky him eh?!).
We are all healthy and that’s great, yes……but……fuck me I could sell the lot of them and run away some days.

Tomorrow I will attempt to inject some type of enthusiasm and nutrition back into my and their lives. Today can go to hell.

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