Mum of 2: Rio (5years) and Sunday (3 years), wife, occasional freelancer in a variety of fields.

Writing a blog that appeals to me and hopefully some of you. My style is honest and a little bit tongue in cheek.

Welcome to my space. Please be kind in your comments: I’m a person with feelings.

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2 thoughts

  1. I loved your article. The dark side of becoming a Mum needs to be outed. I spent a few wobbly, wine loving months worrying if I had depression- because surely if you’re not loving this new chapter, you must have PND.
    The massive issue is people don’t generally talk about the full spectrum of feelings, like you mentioned, we only get the good selfies and posts on sunshine…..it’s so UNreal that I feel ill, which is why I took myself of FB.
    One of my friends sent me your article- one of those friends who totally got the rage/dark/what’s happening to me side of having a child.
    I am also very fortunate to have friends who allow me my rage-filled rants about motherhood and there are also a few that honestly join in 😉 they feel liberated to say that for small moments, they hate their child (and we know they don’t really, their just releasing the stress of the moment) and I want to thank you for giving us all this article, giving this particular colour of motherhood a real voice out there in cyberspace-
    Thanks, you brave woman.

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  2. My husband found your blog article on another website and immediately told me about it. I’m right there with you and save myself some of the grief by not having any social media accounts, but I’m glad to know I’m not the only seemingly intelligent mature woman who assesses motherhood from both sides!
    Don’t change what you’re doing, you speak for 1000’s and 1000’s I’m sure, if they’re honest!
    Thanks 🙂

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